Comverse Technology

(Nasdaq:CMVT) announced on Thursday that it has become the first non-Chinese vendor authorized to sell both voicemail and short message systems (SMS) to service providers in China.

China's Ministry of Information and Industry (MII) granted access licenses to Comverse for these specific products.

Comverse's Intelligent Short Message Service Center (ISMSC) is a short message service center that provides scalable capacity, and open connectivity to the web and SMS-based applications. It provides full IP connectivity, GPRS support, and is prepared for the migration to 3G.

Six major mobile operators in China have deployed the Comverse ISMSC system, and have officially launched SMS to their customers. These operators include Guangdong Mobile (GMCC), Shanghai Mobile, Liaoning Mobile (LMCC), Hei Longjiang Mobile, Wuhan Mobile and Shanghai Unicom.

Comverse CEO Zeev Bregman says it is an honor to have been recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Information and Industry. " This positions Comverse for significant growth with the rapid expansion of China's mobile subscriber base," he said.

Comverse has been operating in China since 1993. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with research and development centers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.