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Comverse Technology

(Nasdaq:CMVT), and Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) announced today the launch of Hong Kong's first IP-based call management service.

PCCW's Net Surf Call Manager application which will be Hong Kong's first ever IP-based call management service will allow 2.3 million Internet users in Hong Kong to manage their incoming calls, while browsing the Internet. The system provides residential voice messaging and unified messaging (voice, fax and email in a single mailbox) subscribers with a virtual phone line while they are online. The system is designed to ensure that subscribers will not miss any calls or be interrupted while surfing the Web.

PCCW's Net Surf Call Manager application gives users several options: they can accept the call using the Voice over IP technology, forward the call to voicemail for later access, transfer the call to another number, or select a pre-recorded message to be played to the caller.

According to Zeev Bregman, Chief Executive Officer of Comverse the service is easy to use. Users are not required to change their existing telephone number and they can simply activate the service without having to set up complicated procedures before connecting to the Internet. Due to the growing use of the Internet, we see the need for IP-based call management services to give users more flexibility. This also shows our commitment to providing innovative solutions to telecom carriers and users, he said.

IP-based call management service is a part of Comverse's communication services, which are expanding from messaging to personal communications solutions. The company's IP-based call management is an extension of the TRILOGUE INfinity platform.