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Compugen, Gene Logic to cooperate in genome information solutions

Integrated solutions expected to expedite drug development

Compugen (Nasdaq:CGEN) today announced that it has signed an alliance with Gene Logic (Nasdaq:GLGC).

Compugen merges computational technologies with biology and medicine for the purpose of enhancing the discovery and development of drugs. The company's Gencarta annotated human genomic and proteomic databases are to be integrated in Gene Logic's GeneExpress Suite.

Gene Logic provides bioinformatics solutions.

Compugen said that the alliance will provide researchers using the Gene Logic system an expanded genomic and proteomic infrastructure for accelerating the process of selecting and testing drug targets, and improving their accuracy.

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Compugen is to provide Gene Logic with a customized version of the Gencarta database. The customized version is to be integrated with the Gene Logic GeneExpress Suite.

Compugen's technologies form the basis of its two main divisions, Bioapplications and Novel Genomics. The company has an R&D facility in Tel Aviv, and a fully owned subsidiary in New Jersey, the United States. It has offices in Sunnyvale, California.

Gene Logic develops information products related to gene activity in human disease and toxicity, for the purpose of optimizing cost-effective pharmaceutical and biotechnology development and research.

The company has developed a series of genetic-based solutions based on its GeneExpress core product.