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Company sources say Nokia will not use Emblaze technology in its new communicator

But Emblaze CEO Eli Reifman denies this

Finnish cellular telephone giant


(NYSE:NOK) will not be using Emblaze video technology in its new communicator 9210, say company sources. But Emblaze CEO Eli Reifman has denied this.

On November 19, 2000 Emblaze (which at that time was called Geo Interactive) announced that it had developed an MPEG4 video player for Nokia's communicator 9210.

The technology was designed to be used in applications such as news broadcasts, sports, weather, financial information, movies in the video-on-demand (VOD) format and video messages. At the time, the firm announced that it would be offering its technology to cellular service providers.

Many investors believed that this announcement meant a deal had already been signed between Emblaze and Nokia. They didn't realize it was a one-sided Emblaze announcement, and the firm's shares skyrocketed 11% on the London Stock Exchange.

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This incident could prevent Emblaze from gaining access to one of the world's largest cellular giants.

"We never had an agreement with Nokia," said CEO Reifman. "This product has only reached the market in recent weeks, and its even too soon for us to have received any feedback," he pointed out. He added that what's most important to Emblaze is its agreements with cellular providers.

In contrast, Emblaze's recent announcement that it has signed deals with two other cellular providers has caused much excitement. Just one month after announcing that it had developed technology for Nokia's machine, Emblaze signed a deal with the Swedish telephone giant



Emblaze has not disclosed the size of the deal, but during a conference call Reifman said that it would give the company ?Tens of millions of dollars in revenue.?

On October 24, Emblaze announced its launch with Korean cellular telephone giant Samsung, of the first cellular telephone capable of transferring video broadcasts according to the MPEG4 standard.