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will be piggybacking on



, a move that could help the business intelligence software provider extend its penetration in the corporate market.

Under a new agreement, Cognos customers who buy Google's Search Appliance device will be able to add specialized search functions to Web sites or corporate intranets, says Don Campbell, Cognos' vice president of platform strategy.

The search functions will allow users to develop fairly sophisticated queries and will generate detailed reports.

The search appliance is actually a blade server, preloaded with Google query software and a small amount of code that links the box to the customer's version of Cognos 8, the company's flagship business intelligence package.

Although Cognos won't get a licensing fee from Google, Campbell says the partnership will generate revenue by encouraging Cognos customers to add more seats. Currently, the company averages penetration of about 20% in most accounts. "We want to get a lot closer to 100%," Campbell said.

What's more, he expects that customers who add relatively low-priced seats to use with the Search Appliance will later upgrade those seats to fully paying seats with direct access to Cognos 8.

The company also announced that it has expanded its existing relationship with



and will be adding business intelligence capabilities to some versions of Big Blue's middleware.