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Civil Service Commission appeals to senior gov't officials to waive wage increase

Senior civil servants object because MKs continue to approve benefits for themselves

The Civil Service Commission has recently asked 360 senior civil servants to freeze their wages for 2002, reports Yedioth Ahronoth.

The commission wrote that 2001 was characterized by severe recession in economic activity, apparent in all sectors of the economy. The commission added that further to Finance Minister Silvan Shalom's efforts to stabilize the economy and freeze the wages of senior executives, the parliament has decided to freeze the wages of senior government officials, such as ministers and deputy ministers. The freeze is due to the linkage between senior government officials' wages and the average wage, the commission said.

Senior civil servants with individual contracts told Yedioth Ahronoth they will not voluntarily waives a wage increase because members of Knesset continue to approve benefits for themselves.

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