Network security company Gilian Technologies has appointed Cisco Systems (Nasdaq:CSCO) VP of Channels Tushar Kothari, TheMarker has learned.

Prior to the appointment, Cisco examined Gilian¿s technology.

Kothari, who has received options in Gilian, is to consult on technology.

Kothari has been in Cisco for over five years, and Gilian, which is today focusing on sales mainly in the United States, believes his contracts will open new doors.

Gilian COO Assaf Topaz, who is among the founders of the company, told TheMarker that given that Gilian's has its R&D facility in Israel, it is looking into the possibility of selling its products also in Israel. He said that Gilian is holding talks with Israeli companies.

Most of its sales in the United States are to customers from the media and government sectors.