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Cisco Buys 10% of Israeli Telecom Start-Up

$15 million gets its nose under tent of Be Connected, a telrad subsidiary.

Cisco Systems (CSCO) has invested $15 million for 10% of Be Connected, a start-up belonging to Israel's Telrad Networks group.

Telrad is owned by the

Koor Industries



Be Connected offers full-service communications solutions over its TAS platform, which can handle communications on either copper wire or optic networks. The start-up's potential customers are traditional phone companies -- ILECs, and the young wireless communications companies known as CLECs.

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Be Connected hit the headlines in recent months when Telrad canned some of its executives after a fight over the start-up's shareholder equity. The squabble spilled over to Telrad's negotiations with

Orckit Communications


, which backed away from a plan to buy Be Connected for $160 million.

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