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Chips Choppy on Global Sales Report

Chip stocks were mixed after the Semiconductor Industry Association reported a 30.4% drop in global chip sales in February.

Updated from 12:45 p.m. EDT

Chip stocks were mixed Friday after the Semiconductor Industry Association reported that global chip sales fell 30.4% to $14.17 billion in February.

In the Americas, February sales totaled almost $2.5 billion, a drop of 24.9% year over year, according to

The Associated Press

, and they fell even more sharply in Asia and Europe.

SIA President George Scalise said that the rate of decline seems to have moderated from the same quarter in 2008 but predicted that chip demand will continue to be lower than in 2008 for the next several quarters, according to the AP.

In light of this:



shares were down 1.1% to $22.06.



fell 0.3% to $41.19.

Maxim Integrated Products


was down 0.4% to $13.57.



shares were down 1% to $3.80.

Other stocks shrugged off the data:



shares, which got a lift the day before after it announced a



General Electric


in health care, were rose 1.6% to $15.95 Friday.



rose 7% to $11.32.

Texas Instruments


rose 3% to $16.96.

Advanced Micro Devices


rose 8.5% to $3.43.

National Semiconductor


rose 8.6% to $12.22.

Analog Devices


rose 5.3% to $20.63.