Chinese communications systems developer Castel (CASIL Telecommunications) is using videoconferencing systems made by Israeli firm Optibase (Nasdaq:OBAS).

Optibase says its digital video platforms are implemented in a point to multi-point system that can utilize either IP or E1 networks.

Castel's Face to Face system comprises a video camera and a video terminal, which contains Optibase's MPEG MovieMaker 200S Basic/Networker encoder, VideoPlex XPress decoder and streaming software. The live video is fed into a MPEG MovieMaker 200S Basic/Networker encoding board, for encoding and distribution over the network as an MPEG-2 stream.

Optibase's VideoPlex XPress decoding board decompresses the stream, which is then displayed on the receiving video terminal. Castel's FTF has been successfully deployed in over 200 locations throughout China, Optibase says.

"Because of China's sheer vastness, many companies have adopted video conferencing for corporate training and meetings in order to decrease the expense of travel as well as increase productivity," explains Castel managing director Jenny Cui.