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CES 2020: 5 Robots You Don't Want to Miss Out on

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The 2020 edition of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing in Las Vegas.

Tech enthusiasts from all over the world have gathered there. Besides the high profile personalities, the event is also making news for cool robots that are being showcased at the event. 

Here are the top five robots that people are flocking to see at the event.

  • Samsung’s Ballie Robot: It's a ball-shaped rolling robot designed to control smart devices around the house. According to the company, it's a personalized companion that understands and supports our family and pets.
  • PuduTech’s Bellabot: It's a robotic-waiter equipped with large four-layer trays with multiple delivery functions. As per the company, it can carry 120 small plates, 39 large plates, and 33 bowls in on delivery.
  • Groove X’s LOVOT: It’s a huggable robot that moves around home to give emotional support and spread happiness. The robot can detect when it is being touched with its 10 touch sensors.
  • Toyota’s  (TM) - Get Toyota Motor Corporation Report T-HR3 Humanoid Partner Robot: It's a third generation humanoid robot that can flexibly and smoothly control the ‘force’ of its entire body.
  • MarsCat Robot: It's a bionic cat with the ability to feel touch, hear voice, see face and play with toys.

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