Privately-held Cellcom mobile phone company reported a 58% increase in third-quarter revenue from the corresponding quarter of 2000, to NIS 184 million. Its result was 33% greater than in the second quarter.

Third-quarter revenue amounted to NIS 1.2 billion, up 3% from both the previous and parallel quarters.

Operating profit was NIS 230 million.

For the nine months, revenue was NIS 3.55 billion, 6% more than in the corresponding period of 2000. Operating profit was NIS 682 million, up 4% from the parallel period of 2000.

Third-quarter ebidta (earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization) was NIS 436 million, up 4% from the parallel quarter of 2000. For the nine months, ebidta was NIS 1.28 million, 10% more than in the corresponding period of 2000.

Cellcom general manager Jacob Perry said the company's results proved it had maintained its leading position in the Israeli mobile communications market, despite intensifying competition.

He said Cellcom had invested NIS 600 million in infrastructure during the first nine months of the year.

The company ended the quarter with 2.2 million subscribers.

Israel has three other mobile communications providers: Partner Communications (Nasdaq, TASE: PTNR, LSE:PCCD), which operates under the orange brandname, Pele-Phone Communications and MIRS.