TElcos Cellcom, Partner Communications (Nasdaq, TASE:PTNR, LSE:PCCD), and stae-run Bezeq are looking into the possibility of establishing wireless local-area network-based or bluetooth-based small wireless networks for target communities at corporations and "hot points," such as airports, universities, hospitals, or cafes, where demand for wireless services is significantly higher than the average, TheMarker has learned.

The wireless providers want to provide these hot points with very wide broadband of over 0.5 megahertz, and services at a transmission rate of one megahertz.

The companies are testing potential locations for the networks. The local communications firms realized, six months later than US and European providers, that networks in public places and corporations are vital for catching the consumer wherever he or she may be, and providing them with end-to-end services.

TheMarker has further learned that the communications companies are studying the possibility of allying with leading commercial real-estate players for this project.

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It is estimated that the investment in such a network in one public place is just $100,000. Market sources said return on investment is possible in just four months.

These data can lead to the reorganization of the communications market and attract new players.

Cellcom President and CEO Jacob Perry this week declared that within several months Cellcom will operate several hot points on its network.