Carmel Ventures, which specializes in investments in the software industry, today announced a $4 million investment in


, an early stage company in the field of Business Analytics.

This is the first institutional investment in Actimize.

Actimize has developed Active Intelligence, an enterprise-wide software platform that enables large organizations to fully utilize their information resources.

The application works with legacy applications, monitoring every single transaction and automating core business processes by directly linking them to relevant information.

It allows organizations to analyze massive volumes of data from multiple sources in real-time in order to respond rapidly and effectively to important business events.

Actimize, whose initial sales are in the financial sector, was established in 1999.

The company is led by David Sosna, who was previously CEO and founder of Gilon-Deloitte& Touche, a systems integration consultancy focused on data warehousing and business intelligence. Actimize is located in Rosh Ha'ayin and employs 18 people.