High-speed broadband wireless access solutions developer


(Nasdaq:BRZE), today announced it has signed an agreement to supply $7.4 million worth of equipment to ClearSky, which specializes in delivery of high-speed Internet access to business users.

BreezeCOM will initially provide enough of its BreezeACCESS equipment to form a wireless infrastructure, which will enable ClearSky to launch a trial entry into this sector of the U.S. market. Initial launch plans include the provision of service to 27 metropolitan markets by year's end, with a quick expansion of the service into surrounding rural communities.

Product shipments began in December and will continue throughout 2001. Systems integrator Wireless Facilities is assisting with the network's installation.

Based in Washington State, ClearSky Broadband is a rapidly expanding wireless company offering advanced wireless technologies. The company is currently deploying its broadband network, and has systems operating in Arizona and Washington, and plans to expand into Texas, Florida and Nevada over the next six months.

ClearSky is carrying out pilot tests in three markets including Tri-Cities, Washington, Yakima, Washington, and the greater Scottsdale/Phoenix Arizona area. It has more than 200 subscribers waiting to be connected to the Web.

We selected these test markets as they provided all the major deployment challenges we face going forward, said ClearSky President Dave Thomas. Tri-Cities is an area where other services such as cable modems and DSL are not available and as such is a prime location for a wireless solution. Yakima is a rural community with no existing service, wired or otherwise, so we are able to measure how quickly and easily we can expand into these areas, and Scottsdale/Phoenix is a large metropolitan area with a high concentration of existing wireless service providers so we are able to thoroughly test interference concerns, he explained. ClearSky uses a cellular topology to deliver high-speed broadband communications with no phone company. ClearSky's networks operate in the 2.4 GHz licensed-free ISM band using BreezeCOM's BreezeACCESS II frequency hopping wireless equipment. BreezeCOM provides a wireless alternative to wired access solutions, such as DSL and cable modems, and facilitates indoor and outdoor, as well as fixed and mobile wireless LAN connectivity. BreezeCOM products are based on a packet switching point-to-multipoint wireless platform, optimized for high-speed Internet and intranet access.