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Bezeq CEO Biran: Pele-Phone could have better results

Says Bezeq will reconsider Pele-Phone investment each quarter

Ilan Biran, CEO of state-owned phone company Bezeq, told TheMarker that over years mistakes were made at Pele-Phone Communications, and that it is clear Pele-Phone could have had much better results.

Pele-Phone lost NIS 254 million in the first months of 2001.

Biran said that had Bezeq not invested in cellular communications and multi-channel television until now, it would have had to enter these fields now. Biran therefore does not regard the Pele-Phone and satellite TV firm YES investments as mistakes.

He said that the Pele-Phone management has issued a restructuring plan and that is working well so far. Biran said that a big challenge lies ahead for Pele-Phone and YES given the tough competition in their respective markets.

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Biran said that the agreement with Shamrock puts Bezeq in a good situation. Each company owns 50% in Pele-Phone and each quarter Bezeq can decide whether to increase its investment in Pele-Phone or to exit.