8 Best To-Do List Apps

To-Do List apps can help you stay mindful of all those projects.

These top To-Do List apps will help you meet or exceed your deadlines at work or at home.

Creating to-do lists before you embark on a new project at home or work is a good way to keep track of your goals and the amount of time needed to complete them.

Lists are one method for you or a team to remain organized, complete more tasks, see where all projects are at a glance, remain focused and exceed or meet deadlines. This also creates more transparency and trust among employees, especially if you are working with a team in a different division, subsidiary or in different time zones.

While you may prefer one or two apps because you are familiar with how they function, there are literally millions of different apps for to-do lists online. It can be time-consuming to evaluate which ones are the easiest to use. Some of the apps have too many options or too many graphics.

While there are dozens of free ones, many do not have enough functions, are not really helpful and will just take up memory on your phone. Before you download an app, check the security of the app so you do not become a victim of a hacker whose goal is to steal your personal data and information.

These 8 highly rated apps will give you a head start on your next project.

1. Toodledo

Toodledo is a good app for employees who prefer the look of an outline. The tasks and projects can be organized simply with a clean interface and all on one page. For people who like to be able to hide information when they do not need it, Toodledo is a master at it since the tasks in your project can be collapsed. It is easy to add more tasks and sub-tasks for each project.

2. The Hit List

The Hit List only works for iOS and Mac users, but has a good clean interface and uses icons to help you set your priorities. One of the best features is that the app tracks your progress on your various tasks, which is helpful if you are working on several at the same time. If you miss a deadline, it reminds you and it appears as past due. Another feature is the timer so you can easily see how much time you spent on the task or project and if it met the amount of time you wanted to spend on it.

3. 2Do

This app works across the Android, iOS and Mac platforms and is so user friendly, everyone can easily use it. The interface is clean and resembles your email, especially if you are an Outlook user and prefer it. The focus is more on the projects than when the deadline is. Users of 2Do can easily add tasks since there are two sidebars on either side of the task. You can also divide it up between personal and work tasks, which is a nice option.

4. Todo

The name of this app is easy to remember and it works across the Android, iOS and Mac platforms. You can adapt the goals of your project easily into the Todo app. It is a breeze to adjust the tasks and lists you create. You can add notes for your tasks and set color-coded priorities.

5. OmniFocus

This app works with iOS and Mac users and will literally manage all the different aspects of your tasks and projects. OmniFocus allows you to organize your tasks by not only the project, but also by the context. You can get even more detailed and move them around based on priority and other criteria. It is an easy way to see what is on your schedule for the day so you can plan other tasks around your project.

6. TickTick

TickTick is an app that can be used on iOS, Mac, web and Android platforms. It's a more basic app for someone who prefers a clean, simple interface for simple projects. The look mimics a shopping list where you add your tasks as well as subtasks beneath them.

7. Things

Things is another good app for people who prefer using iOS or Mac products. It's a helpful app to show a list of your tasks that must be completed for the day and to organize your projects carefully. This app focuses on projects and has a clean interface.

8. Todoist

There is an app called Todoist, of course. This app works on a host of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, which is great if the people on your team have their own preferences and are loath to change. One of the advantages is that Todoist makes it fairly simple to control all your tasks, see what is going on for the day and even the next week, so you can get ahead. For users who like to be able to drag and drop their tasks and projects to determine priority, this app makes that function simple.