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BearingPoint in Google Link

Companies need help with searches.



has formed a partnership with



to provide search-related services for large business customers in industries such as financial services, aerospace and technology.

Google investors will be interested in the partnership to see if it will help the Mountain View, Calif.-based company diversify its revenue base, which is becoming an issue in light of the recent decline in its share price. So far, Google's non-search efforts have had mixed results, with some offerings including Google Video being panned by the media for being too difficult to use. BearingPoint will use the partnership to gain an edge on rivals including


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"Google's enterprise business more than doubled in 2005, and we look forward to continued success in 2006," said Dave Girouard, general manager, Google Enterprise. "As companies realize that search is critical to global business, we're pleased that BearingPoint is delivering the integration services, application plug-ins and on-the-ground expertise that customers are demanding."

BearingPoint, which is based in McLean, Va., will establish a new practice area that will adapt Google's technology for large businesses such as adding additional layers of security software. This will help customers encourage greater collaboration among their employees, enabling them to reduce costs.

"Enterprise users expect the same level of functionality, simplicity and ease-of-use in the enterprise that they experience as consumers on the Internet," says BearingPoint CEO Harry You. "This is part of a shift we call consumerization of the enterprise and Google search products are at the leading edge of this trend."

Shares of Google, the No. 1 search engine, rose $1.04 to $346.74, while BearingPoint shares rose 3 cents to $8.78.