The Haifa District Court today extended the remand of Zila Levi, a clerk at Bank Leumi accused of embezzling NIS 6 million.

Levi, who worked at a Leumi branch in Hadera, is suspected of stealing the money over several years. Her husband Yossi Levi is accused of fraudulent receiving, and is also under arrest.

A representative of the police's fraud squad told the court today that the investigation started just last night, and that the suspects confessed at about one in the morning.

He claimed that releasing the pair could hamper the investigation, and noted that the suspects were cooperating.

Bank Leumi has been looking into the affair for a week, said the couple's defense attorney.

Zila said her husband knew nothing of the affair, and that she alone had been responsible. "I ask pardon of everyone. I love everyone. I didn't do it on purpose these people loved me Do me a favor, I have small children," she told an


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