Banca Popolare di Milano will be using a software integrator designed by Israeli company Jacada (NASDAQ:JCDA) to consolidate all its software onto a single platform.

BPM is Italys sixth largest bank. The Jacada system will serve to integrate all its banking and financial applications onto a unified platform.

Jacada Integrator, which was delivered to BPM in Jacadas second quarter, will be the primary connection between the bank's legacy applications and the IBM WebSphere e-commerce front-end that will serve as the main interface for over 10,000 internal and external users, including customers and employees.

"Jacada Integrator gives us a powerful integration tool for unlocking the data in our legacy systems and making our consolidated Multi-Channel Banking System a reality," stated Clive Whincup, CIO at BPM.

The system can also provide the architectural flexibility for future integration projects, Whincup added.