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sure got guts for a company that's still in its diaper years.

One year to the day after going public, CEO Roger Siboni said the company is aggressively pushing into Europe with its customer-relationship-management software despite evidence of a tech slowdown there.

The fact that mighty


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ran into problems there this summer, leading to a Thursday

revenue warning that scorched tech stocks Friday, didn't worry him. And he's not fretting about



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, the B2B software company that

has said its business in Europe was "soft" in August, though it

now says its business is going well there.

None of that is going to stop E.piphany from targeting the Continent over the next two quarters, Siboni said.

"This is Q3, Europe's always slow in Q3," Siboni said after a presentation at the

Banc of America Securities Investment Conference

here. "I don't think that softness over one quarter or a few months period is a good enough reason for a company that's growing as fast as we are to ignore a market that's as big as the United States."

E.piphany certainly has been growing. It now has about 800 employees, up from 150 when it went public a year ago. And it had $24.5 million in second-quarter revenue, while it had just $19 million for all of last year.

With a common currency, European companies are increasingly looking across national borders for customers, which also is forcing them to work harder to understand their own customers. That's where E.piphany's software comes in. In Europe, Siboni said, it can help businesses understand cultural differences among their customers and respond to them.

"Companies that tended to be somewhat nationalistic in dealing with their customers all of a sudden are faced with dealing with multinational markets," Siboni said. For instance, he said, understanding whether customers in France prefer milk or cream in their latte could be useful for a company trying to sell beverages there.

Of course, no matter how courageous E.piphany is on the Continent, it's also focusing on business at home as well. It announced Thursday that it landed a deal with



to help the automaker track its U.S. customers.