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) -- There are many mobile-device apps that help you remember important events and tasks in life, but what about remembering mundane chores such as taking the beer out of the freezer for dinner?

Yes, there is an


for that. This article deals specifically with those for the Android user.


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iPhone users can see

my accompanying article

on apps for them.

Stop by the Grocery Store

: Wouldn't it be great if there was an app that was so smart it could read your task list and nudge you when you drove near a place related to one of your tasks?

Well, I'm still looking for that one. But one way to achieve this is to buy three apps: the free Astrid task list from


; the $4.99 Locale from


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Google play

; and the $1.49 Astrid Locale Add-on from

Google play


Astrid is already one of the most popular Android task list/productivity apps. Combining it with the other two apps mentioned above makes your phone even smarter. It alerts you when you are near a location on your list.

The setup is a bit clunky: You create the shopping list in Astrid (which can auto sync Google Task lists), then open Locale and pin an address to a specific list. Then when you're driving around, your phone will alert you and pull up the applicable list. I wish the two were better integrated so that you didn't have to open two apps (maybe that's coming?), but the good thing is that once you're done, that list is set. This post on

two forty four a.m. blog

provides details on using the three apps together.

Astrid at astrid.com, free; Locale from Google play, $4.99; Astrid Locale Add-on at Google play, $1.49

Get Beer out of the Freezer

: The Android-only Beer Freeze from

Ditch Kitty Software

(available at

Google play

) is not as elaborate as the Beer Timer app for iPhones (available at


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App Store

), but Beer Freeze gets the job done. That means Android users who can't think ahead won't have any more beers exploding in the freezer. You can customize your own warnings and alerts.

Beer Freeze at Google play, free

Stay Hydrated

: Although that old saying about drinking eight glasses of water may not be true -- at least according to


-- drinking water still has health benefits. And the Drinking Water app by


(available at

Google play

) is simple, amusing and keeps you hydrated. Set how many cups you want to drink each day, and your phone will make a gurgling sound when it's time. It logs your drinking over time and, if you'd like, applauds when you've met your daily quota.

Drinking Water app at Google play, free

Use Your Gift Cards and Coupons

: Gift cards and coupons can be a pain to lug around. Plus, it can be difficult to remember to use them. But of course, they can save you money. So if you need your phone to remind you to use them, here are a couple of suggestions.


Bills and Reminders app (available at

Google play

) is a useful app that reminds you to pay your bills. But it has also added reminders for expiring


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Unexpire (available at

Google play

) tracks gift card expiration dates, and the developers say notifications of expiring daily deals is "coming soon."

Manilla at Google play, free; Unexpire for Android at Google play, free


: Sure, you could add your friends' birthdays to your calendar or check Facebook, but

Sincerely Ink's

app is the one birthday-reminder app to beat. It'll sync with your Facebook friends, and thanks to its new "Thoughtfulness Engine," the app reminds you up to a week before the big day. Then, you can go old-fashioned and design a birthday card right in the app. Sincerely Ink will snail mail it for you for $1.99 ($2.99 international)

App available for both Android and iOS devices at Sincerely Ink, free


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