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Steve Jobs announces the new Apple iPad tablet computer.
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CUPERTINO, Calif. (TheStreet) -- Apple's (AAPL) - Get Report Steve Jobs introduced the sleekly designed sculpture of WiFi-enabled plastic and glass Wednesday. Ladies and gentlemen: the Apple iPad.

We have uncovered, reported and even

panned what is billed as the next big device from Apple

, the tech shop that gave you the iPod and the iPhone. Apple and Jobs have been tinkering on this 10-inch touchscreen device for over two years. More than an e-book and less than a notebook, Apple's iPad hopes to open a new chapter on mobile gadgets.

Read on to review some of the biggest

Apple Tablet



has published over the last year.

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>>Apple Needs Cheaper iPhone, Netbooks to Thrive

>>Apple's Netbook Foray Will Flop

>>Apple Plans Two Tablets

>>Don't Bet on Apple's Tablet

>>Telcos Hold Key to Apple Tablet Sales

>>Exclusive: Apple's Tablet Has No Intel Inside

>>Apple's Tablet: Newton Redux?

>>Apple, Verizon Team on Tablet

Apple Needs Cheaper iPhone, Netbooks to Thrive

Almost a year ago, we ran a story about how Apple has come under

pressure to tap into the growing popularity of netbooks

, and there has been speculation -- and probably some hope -- that the iPad could help fulfill this role. A move into the low-cost computer sector would be a major strategic shift for Apple, which has traditionally prized performance over price. It could also potentially pit the consumer technology giant against the likes of


(HPQ) - Get Report




>>Apple's Netbook Foray Will Flop

Apple's Netbook Foray Will Flop

No one doubts Steve Jobs' ability to turn out innovative, beautifully-designed products. But we saw what happened to the company's first move into tablets (see the failed Apple Newton pictured above, circa 1993), and as we reported back in the spring,

we're still skeptical

that we'll see a large chunk of consumers willing to pay what could be a hefty price for yet another device, one that falls somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop.

>>Apple Plans Two Tablets

Apple Plans Two Tablets

Last summer we wrote that Apple was

planning two versions

of its Tablet technology -- one for the educational market and one with a webcam. More recently, Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar gave us an updated

prediction of a two-pronged Tablet approach

from Apple. The first model will be a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet; the second, a Wi-Fi tablet powered by a


(QCOM) - Get Report


>>Don't Bet on Apple's Tablet

Don't Bet on Apple's Tablet

To keep up with its current momentum, Apple needs a new category killer -- something that can match the frenzy raised by early iterations of its iPod and iPhone. With a device that's not yet a clear necessity for consumers, we're not so sure that the iSlate/iPad will be Apple's

next big thing


>>Telcos Hold Key to Apple Tablet Sales

Telcos Hold Key to Apple Tablet Sales

Before we knew that Apple had chosen


(VZ) - Get Report

for its big Tablet venture, we noted that

the Tablet's price hinged on

the data charges its future telco partner would impose on customers. While analysts expect Apple to charge about $800 for the device, they also expect Verizon to subsidize about $200 of it and require a two-year plan of about $60 a month -- a steep price for a piece of hardware that doesn't come with a keyboard.

>>Exclusive: Apple's Tablet Has No Intel Inside

Exclusive: Apple's Tablet Has No Intel Inside

Up until January, there was speculation that


(INTC) - Get Report

new generation of Atom chips was in the running to power Apple's Tablet devices. Unfortunately for Intel, just as Apple was gearing up to start production, analysts revealed that

Apple chose a processor developed by P.A. Semi

, a chip shop it acquired two years ago. That's a big blow to Intel, especially if the Tablet becomes a hot commodity.

>>Apple's Tablet: Newton Redux?

Apple's Tablet: Newton Redux?

Apple got bruised on its

first trip down this road.

In 1993, Apple introduced the Newton, what it called the world's first personal digital assistant (PDA). The 7.5-inch Newton was years ahead of its time and cost hundreds of dollars more than a cheap computer. The masses never developed a taste for it, and in 1997, a smaller, cheaper



Pilot arrived and gained a big following. Apple killed the Newton the following year.

>>Apple, Verizon Team on Tablet

Apple, Verizon Team on Tablet

In a telling design win, at least one version of the new Apple Tablet will have a Qualcomm wireless chip. That tells Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar that the

Apple Tablet is headed to Verizon

. It also confirms a July scoop by


that first unveiled the

Verizon-Apple connection

. That also means at least one phone company will offer the Tablet for a somewhat lower price in exchange for a two-year data service plan.

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tech team

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