Apple Readers' Mailbag-Loving Tech's Loathed

Yahoo! saved Facebook, Fascist fascination kick off reader replies to our Tech's Most Loathed story.
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) --Readers pulled out their keyboards in response to our list of the

10 most loathed tech stocks


Some upshots:



is stuck in a ditch that it ran into years ago.


(AAPL) - Get Report

future is revealed. And our so-called campaign against


(SIRI) - Get Report

draws some colorful comparisons.

To kick it off, Sirius fan Thomas W. raised some questions about our Sirius coverage.

"I never call anyone a liar. I would never stoop so low to compare someone to Joseph Goebbels, but ... You my friend, are Joseph Goebbels re-incarnated. The comparison to the Nazis' Goebbels and Hitler has to do with the gross, repeated negativity and propaganda against Sirius, no matter what good it does, much like Hitler's propaganda during WWII. In all honestly, you are doing a long-term, fundamental disservice to your company and your paid subscribers. People realize that TheStreet's constant diatribe against Sirius-XM is more such smoke-and-mirrors, to put it nicely!"

Thanks for putting it nicely, Thomas. For a few seconds there it seemed like it was all headed in some other direction.

But you raise an interesting question. How would totalitarians approach satellite radio? First, as a party of self-described hawkish hardliners, there's obviously going to be a lot of squabbling over programming turf. Those lunatics over at the Blitzkrieg channel will probably write a few nasty memos about how the Stalin Gold Dancers are stealing their material. What a headache. Who needs all these stupid channels anyway? It's total anarchy. It's like AM radio all over again.

Norichan01 shares some thoughts on Yahoo!:

"The 10 disappointing tech stocks item didn't hold much of a surprise, at least not where Yahoo! is concerned. Years back they bought out a nifty news group utility called Dejà News ... and drove it into the ground. They bought out Geocities ... and pounded it into the ground. Weren't they also the ones pressuring Rogers Communications (RCI) - Get Report to aggressively pursue new customers for their Internet service ... when they later admitted they couldn't even handle those they already had? When the day comes and they go bankrupt, I won't be surprised. Just disappointed it took them that long to get there.

And those are just some of the deals they did make. How about


-- the deal Yahoo! managed to bungle?

As the story goes, Yahoo! was ready to buy a crazy-popular virtual college yearbook site called Facebook for $100 million, but an executive who is no longer at the company nixed the idea.

Wow. Imagine how that would have panned out? Facebook with a Yahoo! makeover, going all portal with it. Tabs across the top, tabs down the left side, tabs along the bottom, blocks of ads on the right, then in the middle, some zany Yahoo Trends-driven stories like suicidal dolphins and a Brad Pitt beard update. Oh and yeah, your Yahoobook page under that.

Some 400 million Facebook users owe a certain Yahoo! executive a big thank you for having the brilliant foresight and career-killing decisiveness to squash that deal.

Yevgeni K defends Apple with some huge predictions:

Here are some facts for the future:

("Future facts!" Not bad.)

1. Apple will pass Exxon in market cap

2. Apple market share will be much bigger then it is today

3. Consumers are in love with this company and that has been growing steadily

4. We will see $300+ on Apple this year

Forget Apple for a second. How cool would it be to have future facts at your fingertips?

Here's a future fact that would be handy:

There is a speed trap at Exit 7 on I-95, but nothing between Exits 12 and 21.



would be better than having one of those police union cards that your cop friend gave you to show -- if you needed it -- that you are "on the job." As seriously cool as those cards are, you still have to go through the pulse racing and palm sweats that come with seeing a trooper's flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You're caught going 74 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone -- and there's no telling if this guy's having a bad day or not.

And then there's the card reveal. Your immediate instinct is to wave it like a kid with a ticket to

Toy Story 3

. But you know you have to play it cool. How cool? Do you pull it out and kind of subtly leave it in view, or do you hand it over with the license and registration? Dicey.

Having the "future facts" about speed traps would be at least 10 times better than a police card.

What you don't want is any future facts about your health and safety, unless, that is, you are guaranteed to live a long, successful life with all your facilities intact right to the end.

Knowing anything short of that would be a complete disaster.

--Written by Scott Moritz in New York.