A former ECI Telecom (Nasdaq:ECIL) worker filed a NIS 730,000 layoff compensation suit against the company at the Tel Aviv Labor Court.

The worker began her employment at Tadiran Communications in 1979. The company was then bought by ECI in 1998, making the plaintiff an employee of ECI until her dismissal in April of 2001.

The plaintiff is claiming ECI is refusing to compensate her for the entire duration of her employment, because of an error in a special collective agreement signed between ECI and the workers union at the time of the acquisition.

The plaintiff explains that part of the time she was employed by Tadiran, she was employed through subsidiaries, but it was made clear to her that this was merely for technical reasons, and that her seniority and other employee privileges would not be affect. The worker claims she worked for the same employer over the entire period, doing work of identical nature.

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Several days ago, another lawsuit was filed against the company in Tel Aviv Labor Court, by a different former executive asking for NIS 350,000 severance pay.