Analyst: Apple Takes Shine to Blu-ray

An analyst says the tech giant will unveil its high-def preference at the upcoming MacWorld confab.
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is taking sides in the hotly contested high-definition video format war by snubbing HD-DVD in favor of


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Blu-ray, according to one analyst.

"Our sources indicate that Apple will outline its high-definition video strategy with the support of Blu-ray as opposed to HD-DVD," American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a preview of the upcoming MacWorld conference Jan. 15.

Wu calls the move a big win for Sony's video business and notes that


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supports Blu-ray, while


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is firmly camped in


competing HD-DVD format.

But it's likely that Apple will want to avoid the format battle and at some point use a combination Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive in future computers, wrote Wu.

Jay-Z Hooking Up With Apple?

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Apple also is expected to unveil new laptops at the big show. The company is said to have been working on a sleek subnotebook potentially named MacBook Slim, which will probably have flash memory instead of a standard hard drive to reduce size and power consumption.

At some point soon, Apple also will introduce a revamped notebook lineup, specifically a metal-clad revision to the current MacBook line.

Earlier this week, gadget blogger


reported that rap executive Jay-Z, who recently left the Def Jam label, will team with Apple to attract artists to iTunes' direct distribution model.

Apple shares were up 57 cents to $195.41 Thursday.