The Amidex 35 Mutual Fund (Nasdaq:AMDEX), which includes Israel's 35 most capitalized publicly-traded companies traded on Wall Street or Tel Aviv, beat 797 other non-American funds in November yield.

Morningstar, an investment information provider, reported that Amidex-35 achieved a 13% yield in November.

Wall Street-traded companies in the Amidex-35 are Check Point Software Technologies (Nasdaq:CHKP), Comverse Technology (Nasdaq:CMVT), Koor Industries (NYSE:KOR), ECI Telecom (Nasdaq:ECIL) and Mercury Interactive (Nasdaq:MERQ).

Tel Aviv-traded companies are Bank Hapoalim (TASE:POLI), Israel Chemicals (TASE:CHIM), Discount Investment Corporation (TASE:DISI) and the Israel Corporation (TASE:ILCO).

Amidex-35 focuses mainly on hi-tech and communication shares. It is the only American fund that focuses exclusively on Israeli shares.

Amidex Israel Technology, another Amidex fund, includes mid-cap Nasdaq-traded Israeli technology companies. According to Bloomberg, Amidex Israel had the highest yield of 76 other funds that also only invest in the mid-cap range. Its investment include Precise Software Solutions (Nasdaq:PRSE), Biotechnology General Corp. (Nasdaq:BTGC), Tower Semiconductor (Nasdaq:TSEM) and Lumenis (Nasdaq:LUME).