(NYSE:DOX) today announced the deployment of its fraud management software at

Deutsche Telekom


"Two years agreement Amdocs wouldn't have even bothered releasing the announcement," says Oscar Gruss analyst Tsahi Rodnik, who covers the share. "The contract is for one software program, and I do not believe it's a large contract, by Amdocs' standards, it's probably worth just a few million dollars." Moreover, the announcement is about deploying the system: the contract must have been signed months ago.

The notice may serve to distract attention from the 75% slide in Amdocs' shares this year, bringing its market cap to $1.9 billion. The company will be releasing its second quarter results on June 23. It predicts that sales (for its fiscal third quarter) will be $380 million, and its profit 20 cents per share (pro forma), or $45 million.

In any case, its software warns companies when it suspects fraud, including PBX hacking, call card cloning and subscription fraud. It can also serve in next-generation communications systems, wireless, and alternative wireline systems.

The system utilizes multiple technologies, such as expert systems, artificial intelligence, statistics and other information theory techniques, to monitor subscriber usage patterns and detect any abnormal usage. The system then dynamically issues an alert to fraud investigators when fraud is detected., Amdocs explains.

Amdocs' solution will monitor Deutsche Telekom's 40 million-plus subscribers and process about 100 million call detail records per day.

The same solution has been installed with Israeli companies Cellcom and Golden Lines, and with Brazil's Tess, among others.