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BEIJING -- China's Internet giant Alibaba had harsh words over the weekend for major shareholder Yahoo! (YHOO) .

Alibaba, in which Yahoo! holds a 39% stake, said Saturday that Yahoo! was being "reckless" by supporting Internet search giant


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in its confrontation with the Chinese government, according to published media reports.

Yahoo! has said that it is "aligned" with Google's position in the dispute, although it hasn't specified what that means.

Yahoo!'s comments came after Google said it will stop censoring its search results in China, and that it will exit the country if it has to filter its results.

Google was among the companies that suffered a recent cyberattack from China-based hackers. Yahoo! was also targeted in the attack, according to

The Wall Street Journal

, which cited anonymous sources briefed on the matter.

Yahoo! left China in 2005 after it sold most of its operations there to Alibaba.

Yahoo! spokeswoman Nina Blackwell has declined to say whether the company would consider selling its stake in Alibaba, according to the

Associated Press


The Chinese government blocks access to Web sites that it considers pornographic or subversive, and Google's China site doesn't include in its search results foreign sites blocked by Beijing.

Yahoo! shares closed Friday at $16.82, while shares of Google ended the session at $580.00.

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