is to market call-centers and e-commerce software made by Israeli startup



Netkey is a subsidiary of

TNN Networks

, an Israeli company controlled by the French giant


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(NYSE:ALA) and

ECI Telecom


TerSync CEO Efi Paz says that the marketing agreement between the two companies shouild increase the number of companies and e-commerce websites using the company's technology.

TerSync's Ready4Call is a data-voice switching technology that enables instant communication between salespersons, support staff and surfers. The product serves as a platform for commercial systems installed in call centers in Israel that provide services to Internet sites.

Using a call-back button installed on the site, the system enables call centers to meet call requests by 100% of the surfers visiting e-commerce sites or electronic services.

Netkey will also provide outsourcing-based support to customers. Its support will include services for computerized systems, the operating system, and the control and information security systems.

TerSync was established at the end of 1999. It sells its proprietary system to businesses, call centers, e-commerce sites and cellular communications providers. Its new generation product enables fast transition from WAP surfing to cellular calls. Developers of WAP services can therefore develop applications enabling use of a hybrid interface of text and voice.

TerSync recently secured NIS 2 million in financing from Noga Investments in Technology. The company is located in Herzliya, and has 12 workers.