ADC Israel wins Bezeq access systems tender

Company beat international contenders for the $10 million contract
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ADC Israel beat international and local contenders to win the Bezeq tender for broadband and narrowband access platforms, has learned.

The exclusive deal, worth about $10 million, will apparently be signed within a few days. The ADC platform supports both broadband and narrowband transmissions.

ADC Israel regards the deal as strategic based on its large scope, has learned.

ADC Israel, although a subsidiary of the U.S.-based ADC Communications, does not confine its operations to the Holy Land. It supplies its access systems to about 45 communications operators worldwide.

Four years ago ADC Israel got into Brazil, operating through a Brazilian subsidiary. The company providing platforms to three of four key Brazilian telecommunications providers, between whom the Brazilian government split up the whole country. The three are Telefonica San Paolo, Brazil Telecom, and GVT, in which the Israeli corporation Discount Investments has a major stake.

All these networks are in various stages of construction. Ultimately, ADC Israel's customers should be providing about 75% of the communications in Brazil.