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A day after a class action petition was filed against

Bank Hapoalim (TASE:


) over allegedly charging customers fictitious fees, a similar claim has been filed against rival

Bank Leumi (TASE:



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The NIS 40 million action, submitted to the Tel Aviv District Court, claims that the bank charged a 'fictitious fee' called "Leumi information fee".

The plaintiff, Or Lapid, alleges that this fee does not appear in the list of fees that the bank may charge. Based on his calculation of how many such fees the bank has charged and its relevant customer base, Lapid calculates that the class-action is worth some NIS 40 million.

The bank charges the "Leumi information fee", Lapid claims, for account status print-outs that the bank clerks take out for their internal use, without the customer's knowledge, let alone acquiescence. Yet the bank charges the company for the print-outs.

Moreover, Leumi routinely charges certain customers for this print-out fee whether or not any print-outs were made, the customer accuses.

Yesterday, customer Albert Avisrur charged Bank Hapoalim with charging a fictitious commission, called "


- revaluation, charged when the clerk prints out a statement of the account, when deciding whether to honor the customer's checks. But the customer gets charged for the printout he neither wanted nor requested.

Moreover, when the bank decides to bounce a check, the bank charges an additional NIS 40 commission in the case of insufficient coverage, or NIS 17.80 in any other case. Those charges appear in the table of commissions that the bank publishes. But it charges another NIS 4.30 that is not publicized, for printouts, Avisrur claimed.