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) -- With the average smartphone

hosting 41 apps

, it's time to let that always-with-you device do more work for us. I'm talking about reminding us of tasks that may not be important as tomorrow's big interview, but necessary chores, like charging your phone at night.

Let's skip the plethora of apps to help you document life -- who doesn't love Evernote's obsessive note-taking of life via camera, voice or simple jotted note? And any decent built-in calendar offers pop-up reminders or texts for important dates. I'm talking about apps that alert you automatically (with some prep work, of course). There are a handful of single-minded apps to help you with these mundane activities. The hardest part will be remembering to actually use the apps (anyone built an app for that?).

Who's In Charge?

: Until the day comes when mobile phones can be

charged magically in the air

, the

Always Charged app

by Constructive Interference will have to do. And it does the job rather well. Set your bedtime as you would an alarm clock to get a nightly reminder to plug in. If the app detects movement because you're staying up later, it'll snooze the alert. And if it's already plugged in, it skips the alarm. +


, free.

It's the Little Things

: A man walks out of a bar without his credit card, which was being used to cover his bar tab. So begins the idea for

Remember It

. The single-minded app does one thing: Sets a location-based alarm so if the phone moves more than 50 feet from where the alarm was set, an alert goes off hopefully loud enough for you to remember you left your credit card with the bartender. Of course, you must remember to set the app. And it's not just for bar tabs, but, say, your lunchbox in the office fridge, your driver's license at the bowling alley, your child at Ikea's Småland. ... +


, $0.99

What's the Passwords?

: If you have a hard time recalling your passwords, let the

mSecure Password Manager app

take over those duties. First, it'll auto-generate complicated passwords, and then it secures them with 256-bit Blowfish encryption. The passwords can be backed up to the cloud via Dropbox and can be synced to the home PC or other device (separate purchase required). The popular app gets kudos from users for simple software that makes sense. +

Android and iOS

, $9.99

Name Game



is the ultimate powerhouse of reminders because it lets you remember everything by either a photo, voice memo or note. To help remember people's names, Evernote offer the add-on


. You hand your phone to a new acquaintance, they type in their details and take a picture of themselves. You can make notes about when and where you met, shared interests and other details. Sure, it's not the most inconspicuous way to remember people but unless you've mastered this name game, Hello is one app that'll get you farther. +

Android and iOS

, free

Stop Watch

: It's amazing how many apps there are that audibly remind commuters when their stop is coming up. Missing stops must be common. The

WakeMe@ app

lets you touch your stop on a map and sets an alarm within a radius of that point. It relies not only on GPS but the cell network and offers a variety of alarms, including synthesized speech to announce your arrival. +


, free.

Forget Me Not

: While there are apps that will remind you to not leave home without your phone, the

Forgotten Phone app

comes in handy when it's too late. Just text your mobile a special message and it'll forward all calls and texts to email. +


, $1.50

This article is commentary by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.

Tamara Chuang is an outside contributor to TheStreet. Her opinions are her own.