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5 Reasons for no Verizon iPhone Today

Here's why the inevitable arrival of the Apple iPhone at Verizon won't be announced today at WWDC.

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) --As


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gets set to take tech's center stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco later today, many gadget fans await the company's newest gem -- a redesigned iPhone.

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Monday to follow our live coverage of the Apple event.)

And for a few diehards, there continues to be hope that the

new iPhone

will spread beyond the network-challenged confines of


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to include a


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So to help put apprehensions to rest and possibly stir up new ones, we've patched together the five most definitive reasons you won't see a

Verizon iPhone


No. 5: CEO Ivan Seidenberg

There's just something about a guy known in some circles fondly as "Ivan the Terrible" that precludes the possibility of big public smooch with Apple's Steve Jobs. For better or worse, Verizon has been a total snob when it comes to tech partnerships. The company was




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during the Net building boom and it

fatally snubbed Palm

early this year. Just about the only warmth Verizon has shown another company was the

joint phone effort

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it forged with


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and the Android franchise. And therein is a big reason Seidenberg and Jobs won't dance together on Monday -- the little Droid war against iPhones.

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg

No. 4: New AT&T data pricing

If Verizon is the rebel in Apple's classroom, AT&T is the teacher's pet. Who created a

special data plan

in honor of Apple's iPad April launch? Who

ditched flat-rate pricing for a two-tier approach

to accommodate a cheaper iPhone 3GS and a premium price for the new phone? Yep. AT&T earned that gold star and lollipop, again. No way does Apple betray that bond. That moment will come later.

No. 3: Stinking contract

During the launch of the original iPhone, then-AT&T wireless chief Stan Sigman boasted that

the iPhone was "in our bag" for five years

. And while that may have been his understanding, Apple's commitment was far more conditional. AT&T had a number of hoops to jump through and ultimately it was Apple's call whether to keep the exclusive iPhone arrangement going. Some analysts familiar with the companies say AT&T's exclusive ended in November; others have said it was this month. Either way, Apple hasn't offered the phone to any other carriers yet. It's widely believed that AT&T bought more time by reworking its data pricing. (See reason No. 4.)

No. 2: Because Verizon said so

The trust between company flacks and journo hacks has always been tenuous. What's given out for you to believe is often seen as merely a trick to deceive. But in this case -- no matter what you are tempted to read between the company lines -- it seems clear that the Verizon iPhone isn't around this particular corner. Before launching into a gush about the

Verizon Droid Incredible

, Verizon spokesman John Johnson said there were

"no plans to carry the iPhone in the immediate future

." A hack's translation: No Verizon iPhone Monday -- maybe in November; probably next year.

No. 1: Production plans say November


Our favorite supply chain spy Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar has talked with enough of his Apple parts and manufacturing sources to confidently say that production plans for a

CDMA iPhone are set for a November launch

. Plans can change, of course. And while CDMA is certainly the tech standard favored by Verizon, other telcos like


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, Canada's

Bell Mobility

, and even South Korean carriers use it.

Either way, there's no Verizon iPhone today because Apple doesn't have a Verizon iPhone to sell anytime soon.

--Written by Scott Moritz in New York.