) --With its credibility on the line and the


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brand facing a nasty blemish, Apple will address the iPhone 4 antenna flaw at 1 p.m. eastern today.

Apple is likely to announce that it has

a "fix" for the problem

. The company will also have to outline a plan to either repair or replace some of the 3 million iPhones already in circulation.

This, of course, assumes that Apple will claim responsibility for the so-called problem -- if there is a problem.

You'll recall that this is the same company that hid the fact that its CEO was very sick and needed a liver transplant to treat a life-threatening illness. Apple famously dismissed all valid inquiries as attempts to pry into Steve Jobs' personal life.

What if other companies used Apple's courageous, rock-solid stance and special way of clarifying things to explain their own recent snafus? For example:

No. 5: Maclaren

Complaint: Stroller hinges could sever fingers.

The Apple-like response:

A software error falsely indicated that kid fingers are stronger than metal.

No. 4: McDonalds

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Complaint: Health concerns about Cadmium in

Shrek Forever



We'll be holding an invitation-only "press conference" to discuss the revolutionary innovations of Cadmium-enriched glassware.

No. 3:


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Complaint: VAIO laptops catch fire.


Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Report. Windows. Vista.

No. 2: Toyota

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Complaint: Sticky gas pedals.


Are you kidding me?! You're pressing your foot down wrong!

No. 1: BP

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Complaint: Double pipe casing may be safer for deep water drilling.


Well, Steve Jobs prefers the look and feel of the slimmer, tapered single casing pipe.

--Written by Scott Moritz in New York.