An estimated 43% of hi-tech workers are afraid for the future of the company that employs them, a study of 600 Internet users by has revealed.

When asked what aspect of the hi-tech crisis was most painful, 22% said it was the layoffs of their friends, 21% said their own pay cuts, 11% said the crisis did not affect the company where they were working, and 3% said they were most affected by the reduced benefits.

Content director at jobinfo, Orly Camus Bornstein, says the order of importance of the factors as mentioned by the visitors to the site reflects the atmosphere in the sector. "From the moment the crisis began, and through the recovery process the companies undergo, the workers go through difficult experiences that undermine both heir self confidence and their faith in the company's strength and ability to deal with the crisis."

Camus Bornstein says this anxiety is evident in the requests of job applicants for more information about the companies' financial status. "For many hi-tech workers this is the first crisis in their professional career. The gap between their dreams and the reality is immense and causes them dissatisfaction and diminished confidence in what the future will bring," she adds.

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