12 Must-Have Blackberry Apps

Gary Krakow breaks down the best BlackBerry apps for power users.
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NEW YORK (TheStreet) --The debate over the future of Research In Motion (RIMM) 's BlackBerry is only going to grow, but the debate over its place in the business world is settled. Until Apple (AAPL) - Get Report's iPhone or Google (GOOG) - Get Report's Android knocks it off, RIM (RIMM) is the king of enterprise and has a broad and robust developer community building apps for the many devices.

If you use a Blackberry, you should know about its app download store. In particular, you should know about the dozen best new applications available in the Blackberry App World store. They're useful whether you're new to adding apps for Blackberry or whether you're a cool old pro in dealing with new goodies for your Crackberry.

Read on for the 12 best, newest BlackBerry apps.

BuzzMe, BuzzMe Pro, BuzzMe Premium

(free, $2.99, $4.99) - Author BigTinCan has written BuzzMe to help your Blackberry vibrate and ring at the same time. It lets you control the color of the LED, receive a missed-call reminder with the LED/Vibrator, or switch your phone to the "disco" mode (receive a call and watch the LED pulse to a disco beat). Premium versions give you greater control of the LED/buzzing system.

Wifi File Transfer

($4.99) - The authors of Wifi File Transfer are running a half-price sale (it's normally $9.99) to celebrate the claim that this is the "No. 1 Paid Business App." The idea is simple: the app allows you to transfer any file between your BlackBerry and a PC or a Mac (on the same wireless network) at Wi-fi speeds. Users say the app is very fast, very easy to use and are very willing to tell you about it.

Smarter Agent

(free) - This is like having your own little real estate agent inside your BlackBerry device. Whatever real estate deal you're planning, Smarter Agent checks the Internet to provide you with three search options: All Homes for Sale, Recently Sold Homes/Prices and Apartments for Rent. It uses GPS or cell tower location services to know where you are so you can find nearby properties.

Contacts Cleaner

(2.99) - This little application finds and merges duplicate contacts in your address book. If your smartphone address book looks like mine -- large and bloated with many duplicate contacts -- then this app could be a godsend. The time saved by using Contacts Cleaner should be worth at least three dollars.

My Calm Beat

(free) - The authors of this app call it a "brain exercise." It allows you to "enhance your well-being and sense of calmness." It helps you learn how to slow your breathing so you can "strengthen the automatic calm reflexes that allow you to effectively manage stress." Seems like something every Crackberry addict needs.

Trapster R

(free) - Is a program that allows your Blackberry to warn you that you're approaching police speed traps, red lights and speed cameras. It is actually a database that works in real time and uses GPS and the Web capabilities of your Blackberry device. It currently works


(VZ) - Get Report

's Storm 2 and Tour as well as

T-Mobile (DT) - Get Report's

Curve 8900. For other Verizon and T-Mobile phones, you need an external Bluetooth GPS accessory.


(free) - There are more game apps in the Blackberry App World than there are in any other category. The object of this game is to change the color of the squares using the buttons at the bottom of the screen until the entire screen is a single, solid color. Pixelated takes great advantage of Blackberry screens. There's also a Pixelated Plus ($2.99), which includes a second screen size game.

Lookout Mobile Security

(free) - You have anti-virus protection on your computers - why not protect your Blackberry as well? LMS is free and includes Mobile Anti-Virus, Backup and what the company says is a quick-and-easy way to find a missing Blackberry device. The app needs access to SMS messaging, so standard data rates apply.

100,000 Free eBooks/Wattpad

(free) - According to App World, this program is also known as "YouTube for e-books." Wattpad allows you free instant access to 200,000-plus novels, fiction, short stories and more. They claim more than 4 million downloads so far. Don't expect to see the latest best-seller - but do expect to find something you'd like to read.

Thumbplay Music

($9.99/mo) - In addition to Pandora, Slacker and other streaming music services, you can also sign-up for Thumbplay. The company claims its app gives you access to millions of music tracks for $10 a month (that's the cost of only ten cuts on iTunes). And you can create playlists and play them when you're not connected to the Internet. You can download the app and try the service for free before committing to paying the monthly fee.


(free) - The official Dilbert application for Blackberries. For the first time, you can have immediate access to your daily Dilbert thought in addition to full access to the twenty year-plus archive of the Dilbert collection. With Dilbert Mobile, you'll never miss another interaction between Dilbert, Wally, Dogbert and, of course, the Boss.

TheStreet Mobile

(free) - You know who we are. Now you can get up-to-the-minute Wall Street numbers, news, features, insight and commentary directly on your Blackberry - including Winners and Losers, Analysts Winners & Losers and, of course, the latest from Jim Cramer. It's just what you need to make an informed investment decision in these uncertain times. TheStreet Mobile is the only financial news application to ever win a Society of Business Editors and Writers Best in Business award.