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Golden State Mortgages May Tarnish Wachovia

The bank's $120 billion in option ARMs are in danger as plunging home prices in California lead many buyers to walk away from loans.

Biotech Notebook: Onyx, Genentech, Cardiome

Onyx's increased spending is even more troubling than its failed Nexavar trial. Elsewhere, Genentech faces a key FDA decision.

Apple Ready to Shine Again

Shares are so oversold that buying time beckons, some portfolio managers say.

Visa IPO Seeks MasterCard Riches

Despite consumers' credit troubles, MasterCard's success as a public company is a good sign for its rival.

IAC/InterActiveCorp Fighting a Two-Front War

Barry Diller faces a broadside from John Malone and a slowing economy.

Big Pharma Moving More Work Offshore

Merck, Pfizer and others are getting used to a new world that requires cost discipline.

Fannie Faces Trouble From Mortgage Insurers

A blow-up in high loan-to-value mortgages could slam the company with heavy losses.

Merrill Writedown Grows

New CEO John Thain sets to soothe fears after the firm writes down $14.6 billion.

What's Left for Sears?

The company keeps missing the mark as a retailer. Now its real estate value is in question as well.

The Top Dividend Stocks for the Week

Here are the latest stocks to raise their dividends.