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Mother's Day Means Cash for These Retailers

Mother's Day Means Cash for These Retailers

The average consumer spends $186 on Mother's Day, leading to $23.6 billion in total annual spending for Mom's celebrations.

Best Singer-Songwriter Albums of 2007

Best Singer-Songwriter Albums of 2007

Here's one listener's take on which performers were most impressive this year.

Mouthwatering Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

Here's what to give every type of person with gourmet tastes.

Share-ing Is Caring: Give the Gift of Stock

Buying shares could help kids learn about the markets.

I Looked Left and Right for These Political Gifts

For those who can't get enough of politics, consider a Bush coloring book or stuffed elephant.

Give the Gift With a Kick This Year: Booze

Consider these fine alcoholic beverages as gifts.

Eight Rules for Regifting Without Getting Caught

If you simply must do it, then at least don't embarrass yourself.

10 Gifts That Save Money

Give your loved ones something they'll remember -- the gift of savings.

Play With Your Food; These Products Make It OK

This toaster helps you personalize a breakfast greeting.

The $75,000 Gift Basket

Are you a basket case for buying one?