Why Jim Cramer Is a 'Huge Believer' In Microsoft's Azure Cloud

Katherine Ross

The Pentagon affirmed that Microsoft won the $10 billion JEDI contract.

Amazon's Web Services, which was in the close race to win the contract, in a statement, noted that this illustrates, "a growing trend where defense officials act based on a desire to please the president, rather than do what’s right.”

This contract was originally awarded to Microsoft in October 2019.

“There is a recurring pattern to the way President Trump behaves when he’s called out for doing something egregious,” Amazon wrote in a blog post. “First he denies doing it, then he looks for ways to push it off to the side, to distract attention from it and delay efforts to investigate it (so people get bored and forget about it). And then he ends up doubling down on the egregious act anyway.”

The company wrote that Trump “reportedly ordered former Secretary Mattis to ‘screw’ Amazon, blatantly interfered in an active procurement, directed his subordinate to conduct an unorthodox ‘review’ prior to a contract award announcement and then stonewalled an investigation into his own political interference.”

So, with these statements, does Jim Cramer think that Microsoft won the contract fairly?

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