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What Jim Cramer's Watching Ahead of July 4

Hint: Nike and Costco are on Cramer's mind.

What are you watching in the markets next week?

Well, it's leading up to a holiday weekend, but one that's being overshadowed by the increase in coronavirus cases across the United States.

Jim Cramer broke down what he's watching.

"Well, if the weather's nice, I expect this is the leg of Kingsford. for Clorox, they need that in order to maintain, maintain what I regard is being incredible momentum. I think that that's really important. I do think that I'm watching Nike, which reports [Thursday night]. There have been so many analysts that have been saying good things that I have to believe that Nike's gonna be good. So that's another one that I'm following for that. And then I'm looking at Costco. Will people go to Costco to get their food for whatever they're doing for the fourth of July? Hopefully outside. And Costco's got that mask policy, and is that going to be a turn-off to people? I don't know," Cramer said to TheStreet's Katherine Ross.

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