What Jim Cramer Needs to Hear From Congress

Katherine Ross

Senate Republicans are expected to release their $1 trillion coronavirus relief package late Monday. 

The announcement is expected to be made this evening after the markets have closed. 

According to CNN, the package will include $105 billion for schools, and a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks. Republicans are reportedly looking to cut the $600 weekly pandemic unemployment assistance, which has now expired, to $200 a month. 

Democrats have pushed to keep the $600 weekly pandemic unemployment assistance through January. 

Larry Kudlow, the White House's economic advisor, said Sunday that the Trump Administration will lengthen the federal eviction moratorium.

The bill will also include $16 billion in new funds for testing and tax incentives to help encourage companies to rehire employees.

Jim Cramer said that he wants to hear more from politicians on the hill and that it's not necessarily what happens in this stimulus package, but what comes next. Similar to how the Fed said it will do whatever it takes to shore up the economy as long it takes, Cramer said Congress needs to give insight about future moves. 

"I think $1,200 is good, but is that $1,200 the last $1,200?"

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