Jim Cramer's Advice for Investors on All-Time Highs

Katherine Ross

The selloff that occurred on Thursday and Friday destroyed the steady streak of all-time high headlines that investors had been getting. 

But it begs the question: When all investors see is one all-time high after another, what should they do with that information?

Jim Cramer tackled that question.

But just because we started to see a downturn in tech starting on Thursday through Friday does not mean that there's been a bottom in the market. 

What's going down? I would say the work-at-home stocks are being routed and the 5G stocks are getting hit hard. But they are up so much, you can't really go wrong still taking some off.

I know this is a sell-off of large proportions, but you must remember that most big funds were simply thrilled that many of the stocks that are up huge are not in the S&P.

So have we hit a bottom?

"I say that there is no bottom yet, because all of the price tags have been raised and, for once, it hasn't made a difference," Cramer wrote.

Read the full article on Real Money here. 

And watch Cramer's advice in the video above for how to approach more all-time highs.

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