Jim Cramer: Buy UnitedHealth If Kamala Harris Becomes Vice President

Katherine Ross

Joe Biden has announced his running mate.

California Sen. Kamala Harris was chosen as Biden's vice president. She is the first Black woman nominated for vice president by a major party.

While her take on healthcare has evolved since her presidential campaign, moving closer to Biden's plan, Jim Cramer says a Kamala vice presidency makes UnitedHealth a buy. 

Biden's campaign announced the pick in a series of tweets, hailing Harris, the 55-year-old daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, as a "fearless fighter for the little guy and one of the country's finest public servants."

Harris is an attorney and junior senator from California, having been elected in November 2016. Earlier in her career, she served as district attorney of San Francisco. She was then elected as California's attorney general, focusing on the state's foreclosure crisis and other issues, and served two terms in that position before running for her Senate seat.

In the Senate, Harris serves on the Intelligence and Judiciary committees and has gained notice for her pointed questioning of both witnesses and Republican colleagues on topics ranging from hate crimes and immigration reform and intelligence issues.

In recent months, Harris has focused much of her legislative priorities on remedies for the economic aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has generated record unemployment numbers and business closures.

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Kamals is a socialist, and she is preaching for a free healthcare, there will be no health insurance at all, if she is serious.. I plan to move my money into cash if these two win - stock market will go down like many analysts say.. When taxes go up - profits go down

Katherine Ross
Katherine Ross

What stocks do you think would be impacted by the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket?