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Jim Cramer: Tesla Needs to Take 'Starbucks Attitude'

Tesla's head of HR warns employees that they may lose unemployment benefits if the plant reopens and they don't return to work, so what does that mean for other companies? Jim Cramer weighs in.

Tesla's head of human resources, Valerie Workman, warned the company's California employees that if they are called back to work but choose to stay home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, that they're at risk of losing unemployment benefits.

“Once you are called back, you will no longer be on furlough so if you choose not to work, it may impact your unemployment benefits as determined by your local government agency – and not by Tesla. We completely respect your decision and will support you, without any penalties from us,” the email said, as reported by CNBC.

This comes after Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to threaten that Tesla would move its operations and headquarters out of California if Tesla wasn't allowed to reopen its Fremont plant due to orders from Alameda County Public Health.

And then Musk reopened the plant in defiance of local orders. 

Though Cramer said he's more keen on companies that treat their employees like Starbucks, he said Musk is within his right. "But I don't like it," Cramer added. 

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