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Jim Cramer's Tesla Takeaway: 'Anything Is Possible with Elon Musk'

Jim Cramer talked all things Tesla when he sat down with TheStreet’s Tesla Daily Maven Rob Maurer, from Tesla’s upcoming battery day to the biggest risk to the soaring stock going forward.

But the highlight of the conversation was Cramer’s explanation of the “religious conversion” that led him to turn bullish on both Tesla stock and its always vocal CEO Elon Musk. The “simulation” himself broke his changing mindset down to two root moments: 1. Driving Tesla cars, which also earned the approval of his auto aficionado wife. 2. The realization Tesla’s balance sheet wasn’t a question.

“I should have realized along the way that when Jay Leno told me, Jim this is the greatest car company I know… I should've just changed my mind…. Why am I fighting the truth? Why am I fighting progress? So, Rob I surrendered, and it was the best call I've made this year.”

Ever since his electric epiphany, Cramer has been a proponent of the stock, though he wishes the stock’s recent run to records would slow down, “but you can’t give stocks speeding tickets.”

What did Cramer learn from TheStreet’s resident Tesla pro? "Anything is possible with Elon Musk," Jim Cramer said. 

Recap Cramer's full conversation with Tesla Daily's Rob Maurer here. 

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