Jim Cramer Says Buy Norwegian When There Is COVID-19 Vaccine

Katherine Ross

Is Norwegian a stock to buy as soon as we get a coronavirus vaccine?

It's been a stock that Jim Cramer has been eyeing closely for a while and has been a name in focus Monday as the stock traded at high volumes. 

Last week, on June 10, Cramer wrote about the 'hard landing' that amateur investors were in for.

"Let's take the cruise ships. The cruise business right now is non-existent. Who buys stock in cruise lines that can't cruise," he noted. "Norwegian (NCLH)? We got the good news that it has $3.5 billion in liquidity and can survive without sailing for 18 months. Hmmmm, now that's a burn rate. Don't look for government bailouts. They aren't U.S. companies."

Read his Real Money column here. 

When asked whether or not this is a stock to buy as soon as we get a vaccine, Jim Cramer very excitedly said, "Yes!"

How should you be approaching Norwegian and other cruise stocks going forward? Jim Cramer breaks down his game plan in the video above. 

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