Jim Cramer: Livongo Doesn't Have Any Competition

Know what Livongo does? Jim Cramer says it's time to give the stock a look.
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Are you looking at Livongo?

According to Jim Cramer's most recent Real Money column, Livongo has "come of age during the pandemic. We have had them on several times and they just pre-announced better than expected earnings last week. Why? I consider Livongo a sophisticated, personal life coach for those with diabetes and with hypertension. I am sure they can add more to the platform and it is, indeed, a platform. They call their wonder platform Applied Health Signals but I consider it a service that manages lifetime illnesses for patients, especially illnesses that we now regard as preconditions to COVID complications."

On Real Money Monday morning Jim Cramer asked how you make sense of the insane? How do you justify the valuation of the "wild bunch," four stocks "that have been as untamed and unfettered" as he's ever seen? These stocks are Amazon (AMZN) , Netflix (NFLX) , Tesla (TSLA) and Livongo Health (LVGO) , a data-based health coaching program that enables people with diabetes to share blood glucose records with Certified Diabetes Educators," Real Money's Bruce Kamich wrote.

"Traders who can tolerate some risk could go long LVGO in the $110-$100 area if available. Risk a close below $90 for now. The $150 area is our only price target at the moment ($200 and $300 are possible targets if LVGO makes a ten-fold rally from its base)," he noted. 

So, what does he mean by that?

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