Sorry Katy Huberty, Cramer Doesn't See Apple, Tesla as Competitors

Jim Cramer weighs in on the Morgan Stanley note on Apple and Tesla from analysts Adam Jonas and Katy Huberty.
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Tesla and Apple probably won't become tech partners anytime soon, says Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty to Tesla analyst Adam Jonas.

Huberty, a highly-influential Wall Street analyst with a track record for accurately forecasting Apple earnings, told her colleague, Tesla analyst Adam Jonas, that the two companies will be viewed as competitors in the years ahead, with vertically integrated solutions that would make a partnership unlikely. 

When asked about her thoughts on Tesla, Huberty said that "there are parallels to draw between AAPL under Steve Jobs and Tesla under Elon Musk."

Jonas then asked about the lessons Huberty could share about founders/owners and operators of companies that could apply specifically for Tesla.

"Nobody else will devote every ounce of themselves to a company like a founder. With a founder, the company becomes its life and their life becomes their company. There are both positives and negatives to that dynamic. Importantly, there can be some very good years of innovation and hyper-growth... but then there’s a list of things that can become a distraction and it's just as important to surround a founder with strong business leaders and provide visibility into a longer-term succession plan," said Huberty.

Watch the video above to catch why Jim Cramer doesn't see Tesla and Apple as competitors in the long haul. 

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