Jim Cramer Tells Investors to Wear Masks

Katherine Ross

Worldwide, there are 7.9 million cases of the virus, with over 433,000 deaths.

The U.S. has over two million cases, with over 115,000 deaths.

States like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Texas have reported a sharp rise in new virus infections. As of Saturday, coronavirus cases were climbing in 22 states.

And the spike isn't just being seen in the U.S. 

Coronavirus cases are spiking globally as well. China reported an outbreak of new infections in Beijing. The city of 21 million people is reintroducing strict lockdown measures.

"[People] should be wearing masks, they should be social distancing, and they should have contact tracing," said Jim Cramer. 

"But we don't wear masks and we don't practice social distancing. Wearing a mask really cuts down on the number of people who can get sick," he continued.

Watch the video above for more.

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